Monday, May 12, 2008

Strategy for 'Visualize' People

Chart Pattern n SHI Channel n Fibbonaci, using 1D T.F...
I feel like this strategy really suits me (as at now).
Busy at project site which do not have internet access and tight date line, sometimes, i only manage to see charts only once or twice a week..
That's why i see charts at 1D Time frame(T.F)..
Usually, Traders will take more than 300 pips if the use the 1D T.F, However, since i don't have enough time to analyse, I take what ever i could, it depends on the Pattern cycle (for e.g.. now, what i can see from the chart, it is a half inverse head and shoulder.. so its going to be a full inverse HnS within next few day).. I just open up a buy position for EurGbp.. my T.P is at Fibo 38.2 .. and the half line of SHI Channel).. I'm not even calculate how much pips would i get for this post.. But i'm pretty confident, sooner or later it will touch my T.P..


M NazriBlog said...

Hello Bro, Tak balik Kelate ko? By the way, bro main forex ker. Ada tak main share kat Bursa? Apa apa pun, bro kena siasat siapa saya pasal saya memang kenal bro. Siasatan bermula.

GFCM said...

Hi, Thanks for the great journal. I'm also a big fan of Shi Channel and I have been using it for the last 6 mnths with great success. I use stochastic 5,3,3 for precise entry and my TP is always the next level of the SC.

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Anonymous said...

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