Thursday, March 16, 2006

Outsmarters and Partakers

"There are two kinds of investor: Outsmarters and Partakers".

"Outsmarters believe they're so clever they can beat the system,through inside advice and superior brainpower."

"Partakers understandthat the best way to make money is to share in the profits ofsuccessful businesses, by buying stock in [them]... "

"There are, for example, the day traders, who think they can profit from tiny ups and downs of stocks over minutes or hours. I do not doubt that some people can make a profit this way....But beyond a tiny cadreof the super-talented and super-dedicated, day traders get eaten up bythe transaction costs -- the commissions, the spreads between bid andasked prices, and the interest incurred in buying stocks on margin." -- James K. Glassman, "The Secret Code of the Superior Investor," pp.63-64.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Investing is a great & exciting opportunity, but it should be approached in an educated manner!!!
  • Investment principles is your pillars, used it along with any game plan.
  • The Greaters potential threat is what you don't know.
  • Avoid emotional decision, don't rush. (It takes only seconds to lose money by being impulsive)
  • The more option we have, the more difficult to make WISE investment decision.
  • Always approach any games intelligently and responsibly.
  • Maintain a reasonably safe and sane investment marketplace

There are thousands of investment opportunity around the world, thanks to the Internet.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What is Hedge Funds?

Todays Lesson: What is HEDGE FUND?

Hedge funds are are one of the fastest growing investment alternatives to traditional equity and bond portfolios. The term hedge fund is applied to investment vehicles with a wide range of aggressive investment strategies and objectives. Until recently, investing in hedge funds has only been open to the wealthy investors. Now you can invest in a hedge fund with as little as $1000.

What is the difference between a Hedge Fund and a Mutual Fund?

The main difference between hedge funds and mutual funds is how they are regulated. Mutual funds are one of the most highly regulated investment instruments on the market, while hedge funds have virtually no regulation and investment restrictions. As a result hedge fund managers have more flexibility than traditional mutual fund managers in structuring their portfolios. Hedge funds are also able to use strategies such as futures and currencies. These riskier strategies give them the potential of earning a higher return than traditional mutual funds. Of course, this can also result in a greater loss than what one might traditionally find with mutual funds

Money Don't Work 4 Me :-(

This afternoon, i went to a local investment company to redeem my mutual fund investment. Sad to hear that the fund which i invested 2 years ago at $15,000 currently valued at $13,659. then i ask the staff, currently, which fund is the best to invest in?... she said"The overseas fund".

A decade ago, average people invested in their country except for the Rich.

Now, everybody can invest anywhere you want. Thousands of individuals and companies that are spending billions of dollars to exploit its access to hundreds of millions global investors.

Now I'm thingking of being an Investment Strategiest, at least for my own good. coz Money will disappear if I make a bad investment decision...

The desire alone is not enough.. I HAVE TO BE PREPARED, KNOWLEDGEABLE AND DISCIPLINED..... I need to further my studies in Financial Planning coz my degree in accounting & finance can't help me to make money work for me... SLOW BUT SURELY MY MONEY WILL WORK FOR ME