Tuesday, May 09, 2006


When talk about OFFSHORE INVESTMENT, normally people will excited about the Returns of Investment 'WoW... what a great return'.. but then, most of them will compare it with their local banks offered, then they will say 'Oo..this is new to me, I already invest at my local bank for ages and its realy safe'.. or..'I don't want to RISK my money in the Offshore Bank, cause this things is new to me, its not located in my country, it is scam, its not safe enough and etc'...

So..its about RISK.. some might heard about calculated risk, then how should we calculated them?.. In finacial management theory.. we can calculate RISK.. the risk telorance and etc.. BUT In REALITY.. that doesn't really count.. when It fails..its fail.. whether the probability to fail is 50% or 1o%.. its also same in the other hand.

"Risk must be evaluated not by the fear it generates in you or the probability of your success, but by the VALUE of the Goal" (John C. Maxwell)

For me.. Its(offshore investment) worth to take risk, since its exploring a new financial opportunity and its Discover the SECRECT OF RICHEST. (Why rich people become richer)

(The reality is thet everything in life is risky. If you want to avoid all risk, then don't do any of followings:
  • Don't ride in an automobile - they cause 20% of all fatal accidents.
  • Don't travel by air, rail or water - 16% of all accidents result from these activities.
  • Don't walk in the street- 15% of all accidents occur there
  • Don't stay at home - 17 % of all accidends happen there
Everything in life brings RISK. Its true that failure if you try something bold because you might miss it. But you also risk failure if you stand still and don't try anything ) Taken fromFailing Forward - turning Mistakes into stepping stones for sucess, by John C. Maxwell.

"Decide whether or not the goal is worth the risk involved. If it is, stop worrying" (Amelia Earhart,First female pilot to fly solo over the Atlantic Ocean 1932)