Monday, November 12, 2007

Trading in 8 Pairs - Q & A

what's the use of Gann HiLo activator?

That means Bullish when bar forms upper the blue line and bearish if it forms below the blue line.

This blue line is very important. in all pairs, Gann will send PRE SIGNAL before 5EMA crosses 50 EMA.

On the QQE, do you need a 50 line crossover (of the thick solid line) as well as a crossover of the two indicator lines?
On the MACD, do you need to be above the 0 line as well as the bars rising in value?

QQE, blue crossover upward means bullish and the time QQE crossover the MACD is going up and so is momentum. That means get ready to open long position and I suggest that you wait for 5EMA to cross 50 EMA for more safe. This Condition guarantee 100-250 pips bro.

When the price goes against you, you don't have to wait until it hits your SL but you can close it manually as soon as 5 crosses 15. or red crosses yellow, and it would be around -25 pips

What trading session(s) do you enter and exit your trades?

I always check my chart for every 4 hours and some times 10 hours if I have already lock in some profits.

I still wonder what is your strategy to open position on GJ when all the signals are confirmed. It can be difficult to set your SL cause GJ has a wider retracement than other pair. Do you wait for a retracement to enter or instantly enter position when all the signals are ready?

in 4H TF ( bullish trend) you can see that when 5EMA crossed Gann HiLo, at the same time QQE, Momentum and MACD are all crossed up . You may place an order in this point ( especially GJ pairs) and after it reached 50 pips moves your SL to +10 and after it reached 80 pips please lock in 50 pips and let this beast go for another 100, 150 or even 200 pips or retrace to hit your SL

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Trading in 8 Pairs - When to Buy?


1. the 5 SMA crossed 50 upward that is the first signal.
2. Please check the MACD, the bar must be climbing up.
3. after 15 crossed 50 the signal is 98% bullish.
Usually MACD, QQE and Momentum are crossed up at the same time, and that is a signal to upload your weapon.

Please open your buy there with TP1 80 pips and lock profit for 50 pips after TP touched and let the price go to TP2 180 pips.

note :

Patience traders as we are trading in 4h time frame. Noo need to Hurry.

MACD : Please draw a red line in zero line.

Source: by cornelius2, forexfactory Forum.